TPI Enterprises Ltd, proudly the only Australian owned poppy processing company.

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Founded in January 2004, TPI Enterprises Ltd (TPI) is an Australian company, based in Cressy, Tasmania. TPI is Australia’s third manufacturer of Concentrate of Poppy Straw (CPS) and is an independent company.

With an innovative, efficient extraction and purification manufacturing process, TPI will be a world leader in CPS supply, particularly for quality and price.

TPI’s team provides us with our greatest competitive advantage. The company is forward thinking, flexible and draws on extensive industry and commercial experience. Our drive and vision is already providing our customers with great commercial opportunities.


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TPI Submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee Inquiry into Poppy Industry

24 May 2013

CEO Jarrod Ritchie presented to the State Inquiry into the Poppy Industry on 23 April.

Read his comments here.


Open letter to TPI Growers

30 August 2012

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support for the 2012/13 growing season. TPI is proud of being the only Tasmanian-based, Australian-owned company created to take advantage of the strong global demand for narcotic raw material extracted from opium poppies.


TPI lifts returns to growers by up to 50%

25 May 2011

TPI has lifted its crop price to secure 9500 hectares this season…