Since its foundation in 2004, TPI has grown into a forward-thinking and innovative company that has earned an international reputation for the high quality of its product and competitive pricing.

TPI is one of three licensed poppy processors in Australia, and the only Australian-owned company. It is one of eight processors worldwide producing Narcotic Raw Material (NRM) for the international pharmaceutical industry. The Company’s expansion within Australia and Europe includes the introduction of new growing areas to ensure long term sustainability for the supply of raw materials to meet our customer’s requirements. TPI has developed an innovative, efficient and environmentally-sustainable extraction and purification manufacturing process. We have adopted industry best practice across every facet of our operations.

TPI’s experienced and highly skilled team provides the Company with its greatest commercial advantage, drawing on extensive industry and commercial experience.
Forging strong relationships is at the heart of TPI’s business philosophy. From the farmer to customer delivery, our team understands the value of maintaining a more personal approach to the partnerships we foster. We deliver a highly competitive pricing platform made possible by our innovative growing and manufacturing practices.

Our Locations

TPI is a global business with our Australian operations in Victoria and Tasmania; and our northern hemisphere office based in Norway.

We source our raw materials from Australian poppy growers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania; and are developing new grower relationships in Europe as part of our international expansion.

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Board of Directors

Jarrod Ritchie

Jarrod Ritchie BSc (Hons)

Managing Director / Executive Director

Jarrod Ritchie has over 20 years’ experience in the opiates industry. He has led TPI from its inception as a start-up to its current position as Australia’s third licensed poppy processor with a strong international reputation. Jarrod has led new research in the opiates industry including TPI’s unique, environmentally-sustainable, solvent-free manufacturing process. He has also led the successful trialling of a new thebaine-rich variety of poppy; the introduction of commercial crops to Victoria; the trialling of poppy crops in the Northern Territory; and the expansion of TPI’s global operations to Portugal.

Director of TPI Enterprises Limited since 5 February 2004

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

Non-executive Chairman

Peter Robinson joined Washington H Soul Pattinson and Company Limited (WHSP) in 1978 and retired as Executive Director of this diversified investment Company at the end of March 2015. He joined the WHSP board in 1984 and has over 30 years’ experience as a public Company director. As the Executive Director of WHSP, Peter had the responsibility of managing a diverse range of investments in various industry segments including pharmaceuticals, coal mining, telecommunications, building supplies, nutraceuticals, copper and gold production and property development.

Peter is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and the Non-Executive Chairman of Clover Corporation Limited.

Former listed company directorships within past three years:
- Non-Executive director of New Hope Corporation Limited (appointed 1997, resigned 2015)

Director of TPI Enterprises Limited since 1 February 2013, appointed Chairman 18 June 2015.

Todd Barlow

Todd Barlow

Non-executive Director

Todd Barlow is the Managing Director and CEO of Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited and a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed New Hope Corporation Limited. Before joining Washington H. Soul Pattinson, he was Managing Director of Pitt Capital Partners Limited, a Sydney based corporate advisory firm. He continues to serve as a non-executive director of Pitt Capital Partners Limited as well as a number of unlisted entities.

Between 2005 and 2008 Todd was based in Hong Kong, and provided advice on cross-border transactions between Asia and Australia. He previously practiced as a lawyer, specialising in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions.

Former listed company directorships within past three years:
- Non-Executive Director of PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited (appointed 2014, resigned 2017)

Director of TPI Enterprises Limited since 18 June 2015. Todd is a member of the Human Capital Committee and the Audit & Risk Committee

Simon Moore

Simon Moore

Independent non-executive Director

Simon Moore is a Non-Executive Director of ASX-listed Megaport, a Non-Executive Director of ASX-listed Firstwave Cloud Technology Limited, a Non-Executive Director of Mexican fast casual restaurant chain Guzman Y Gomez and a Non-Executive Director of venture capital firm, OneVentures.

Simon was previously a Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, and prior to that was a Managing Director and Investment Committee Member of Investcorp International, Inc. based in New York. Prior to that he worked in private equity investments and investment banking at J.P. Morgan & Co. in New York, Hong Kong and Melbourne. Simon’s personal investments include significant pastoral holdings and investments in a number of agricultural enterprises.

Former listed company directorships within past three years:
- Non-Executive Director of Healthscope Limited (appointed 2010, resigned 2015)
- alternate Non-Executive Director of Qube Holdings Limited (appointed 2011, resigned 2016)

Director of TPI Enterprises Limited since 1 June 2016. Simon is Chair of the Human Capital Committee and a member of the Audit & Risk Committee.

Stuart Black

Stuart Black

Independent non-executive Director

Stuart Black is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in agribusiness. He retired in 2013 as managing partner of a practice specialising in agribusiness. Stuart is a current non-executive director of Australian Agricultural Company Limited, NetComm Wireless Limited, and a Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia. He was the inaugural Chair and a past board member of the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board and served as the Australian representative on the International Federation of Accountants SMP Committee. Stuart is Chair of the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund Limited and a Director of the Country Education Foundation of Australia Limited.

In 2012 Stuart was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the profession of accounting, to ethical standards, as a contributor to professional organisations and to the community.

Former listed company directorships within past three years:
- Non-Executive Director of Coffey International Limited (appointed 2002, resigned 2014)

Director of TPI Enterprises Limited since 7 June 2016. Stuart is Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee, and a member of the Human Capital Committee.

Corporate Structure

TPI operates and manages the company’s Australian operations.